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Édition de qualité à un tarif abordable et transparent.

Vous n’êtes pas à l’aise avec l’anglais ? Vous avez besoin de peaufiner votre roman ? Vous voulez éviter les fautes de frappe dans vos documents d’entreprise ? Nous pouvons vous aider !


For years, you’ve been pouring far too much coffee, sleepless nights, and two or three existential crises into a labor of love: your novel. You dream of putting it out into the world. But though you’re confident you’ve finally nailed down the plot details, the character development, and a setting everyone will want to visit, your beta readers keep telling you that the prose is just…rough. It’s unfinished. And you’ve read and reread it too many times to be objective anymore. You can’t even find your own typos! What to do?

That’s where we step in. We love working with fiction writers to produce the best prose they possibly can. We’ll clean up uneven or unnatural wording, make sure one sentence flows logically to the next, and generally sand off the verbal splinters. We know that putting your beloved manuscript into the hands of a third party to be poked, prodded, and covered in red ink can be an anxiety-inducing experience, so we’re happy to discuss the results with you over video and work with you until everyone is satisfied. Our goal is never to discourage!

Click “Get in Touch” at the top of this page to send us an inquiry. We’ll do the first 1000 words for free so you can get a feel for how we work, then send you a quote. We can’t wait to see your book in print!

As an avid reader, Mikaela’s familiarity and command of the English language are excellent. Her specialties range from sentence-level grammar and syntax to broader issues such as clarity and coherence. Mikaela provides detailed critiques to ensure flawless writing. You can trust her to have an authentic, quality take.

fiction writer, and Ph.D. Candidate in Literary Studies at Shanghai University, China

Academic Writing

English has become the common tongue of academia, the business world, tourism, and even international government. This forces people to write and publish in a language they cannot speak confidently. Basic word choice and grammar can be challenging enough, but even a grammatically accurate paper can sound stilted. Plus, ideas that you can clearly express in your native language may become confused in a second language.

That’s where we can help! Mary has eight years’ experience teaching English rhetoric and composition in the United States, while Mikaela has seven years of teaching English as a foreign language to students from a variety of national backgrounds, as well as living and working in foreign countries herself. We therefore have an extensive understanding of the struggles faced by those who are required to write in a second language. We won’t just correct your academic writing for grammar; we’ll make sure it reads as smoothly as anything produced by a native speaker.

But we won’t stop there! We realize that for many academics, writing in English is a long-term problem. So instead of just making corrections to your manuscript, we’re available to work with you to improve your writing. This could take the form of written tips, or it could involve several in-depth video sessions with exercises and writing practice to permanently eliminate some of the most common problems. Just let us know what you need!

Click on the “Get in Touch” link at the top of the webpage to find out more. We’ll always offer you a free 1000-word edit so you can see the quality of our work, and we’ll use that sample as the basis for a detailed quote.

Mikaela kindly proofread a chapter from my monograph (WIP) that is to be published in the Routledge Cold War in Asia series, and I’m more than satisfied with her work. She provided much-welcomed alternative words and turns of phrase, and also pointed out when some sentences are redundant. Her proofreading makes my text read more fluently. She’s also very nice to work with. I highly recommend her service to everyone who is writing their PhD dissertation and/or academic texts for journals and books.

Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany

It’s always a shame when academic articles are not published because of poor language quality, even though the scientific content is solid. Mikaela has been a big help in clearing this obstacle. She has a thorough and well-rounded knowledge of many different subjects, and she isn’t afraid of asking questions to ensure that she understands the material correctly. I’m proud to say that the four articles I ran through her were published very seamlessly!

PhD candidate, Université de Grenoble-Alpes, France

Business and Other Nonfiction

You’re trying to promote your startup, you’ve spent years working on a memoir, you want to publish your grandfather’s war letters, or you know you can change society for the better with your spiritual insights or the perfect self-help book.

You’re handing out brochures, and you have a lot riding on a grant application, but English isn’t your first language. Or perhaps it is, but you’ve just re-read your copy until your eyes cross and you’re still finding typos. You want to change the world, but first you need to express your ideas clearly and professionally.

Send your materials to us! We’ll clean up the text, make sure it functions in tandem with any images and diagrams, and offer suggestions for improvement in wording. We’re even available to write content. Just tell us what you need when you fill out the “Get in Touch” form. We’ll send you a free sample and a quote. With our services, you can focus on what really matters, whether that’s finding new customers or spending more time with your family.

Since starting to work with Mikaela, we’ve often asked ourselves the question, “Why didn’t we do this years ago?!” Mikaela is highly knowledgeable, has incredible attention to detail, and offers thoughtful feedback on how we can make our information clearer and more accessible. We’ve edited our own materials for 7 years and each month when we sent our publication, I experienced stress and anxiety about editing issues or mistakes we may have missed (which occasionally resulted in costly reprinting). Since working with Mikaela, I’ve been able to let go of that stress as I’m confident our materials have been combed through by someone who doesn’t miss a thing!

Megan G.
small business owner, Tucson, AZ, United States

En Français

L’anglais est dorénavant la langue de choix pour les communications internationales : qu’elles soient universitaires, commerciales, ou même intergouvernementales. Cela oblige les gens à écrire et à publier dans une langue qui leur est souvent étrangère. Le choix des mots et la maîtrise de la grammaire sont d’une importance primordiale, mais pas suffisante. Même un document grammaticalement correct peut manquer de naturel. De plus, des idées que vous pouvez exprimer clairement dans votre langue maternelle peuvent devenir confuses dans une seconde langue.

C’est ici que notre expertise peut vous aider ! Mary a huit ans d’expérience dans l’enseignement de la dissertation et de l’argumentation écrite aux États-Unis, tandis que Mikaela a sept ans d’expérience dans l’enseignement de l’anglais en tant que langue étrangère, et a elle-même vécu et travaillé dans plusieurs pays étrangers. Qu’ils soient anglophones ou non, nous connaissons les difficultés que peuvent rencontrer les auteurs. Nous ne nous contenterons pas de corriger votre grammaire, nous nous assurerons que leur lecture soit fluide et naturelle.

Vous voulez faire un test ? Contactez-nous pour obtenir gratuitement l’édition de vos 1000 premiers mots, ainsi qu’un devis pour le reste du texte. Il suffit de cliquer sur “Get in Touch!” en haut de la page ; vous pouvez nous envoyer un message un français.

Mikaela a eu l’amabilité de relire un chapitre de ma monographie (en cours d’écriture) qui doit être publiée dans la série Cold War in Asia de Routledge, et je suis plus que satisfaite de son travail. Elle m’a suggéré un vocabulaire plus riche et adapté et des tournures de phrases très élégantes, et m’a également fait remarquer que certaines phrases étaient redondantes. Grâce à sa relecture, mon texte se lit avec plus de fluidité. C’est également très agréable de travailler avec elle. Je recommande vivement ses services à tous ceux qui rédigent leur thèse de doctorat et/ou des textes universitaires pour des revues et des livres.

Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Il est toujours dommage de se voir refuser la publication d’un article académique pour des raisons de qualité d’écriture, alors que le contenu scientifique est solide. Mikaela a été d’une grande aide sur ce plan. Sa culture couvre des sujets divers et variés, de manière remarquablement approfondie. Pour autant, elle n’hésite pas à poser des questions pour s’assurer qu’elle ne compromet pas le matériel scientifique. Je suis fier de pouvoir dire que les 4 articles que j’ai soumis à son expertise ont été publiés sans heurt !

PhD candidate, Université de Grenoble-Alpes, France

About Us

Mikaela Bell

I am fascinated with human language – the cool logic of grammar meeting the beautiful chaos of poetry. In high school, where I was president of the creative writing club, I studied Spanish, German, and Latin. I then went on to add Scottish Gaelic, Arabic, and French to my foreign language studies in college and afterwards, and it was through the study of foreign languages that I came to better understand my own.

After receiving the prestigious Flinn Scholarship, I studied linguistics and anthropology at the University of Arizona, graduating summa cum laude. My studies included a semester in Spain and then, after graduation, I went to Lebanon for nearly two years for my first stint teaching English as a foreign language. After returning to work in the United States for a few years, I went abroad again in 2017, this time to Grenoble, France, where I have been based ever since, teaching English, editing, and writing.

Mary Bell, PhD

I have a passion for the written word. I have spent much of my life reading, writing, and researching, and I love helping others achieve their best academic and professional writing. I have a widely varied background in academic research and writing. A first generation college student, I earned a B.A. in psychology with minors in math and computer science at the University of Arizona (UArizona). I worked at UArizona as a research specialist in social sciences at UArizona and at the medical school for several years, before I switched fields and earned a Ph.D. in English Literature, also at UArizona. 

I taught composition and research writing there between 2005-2020. I have also worked as a freelance editor for graduate theses, interned as an editor at the UArizona Press, taken classes in digital information management at the UArizona School of Information, taught research data management to faculty as a postdoc in the UArizona library, and have spent the past year writing a memoir that was a finalist in non-fiction at the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards.


Our prices depend somewhat on the degree of work needed, but will always fall into the following ranges:

Creative Nonfiction$0.01-$0.03/word
Other Nonfiction/Business Writing$0.02-$0.04/word
Academic Writing$0.02-$0.045/word
Individual Writing Tutoring/Coaching$40/hour

Now through the end of 2023, fiction and creative nonfiction clients will receive a 30% discount on the above prices. Still too expensive? Get in touch anyway and let us know your budget. We’re always happy to work with you to find a solution.

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